Congratulations to Anthony Begay, Alex Franklin & Jaye Begay of Cover the Spread out of Dirty Birdies Sports Bar & Grill in Flagstaff!  They finished 12-2 with 1,145 points, 50 ahead of 2nd place Stick It To ĎEm!  Anthony was on fire this season as he also was the division MVP going 35-7 with 392 points and 8 30s! Overall he was 2nd to the league MVP Robert Berry!  Robert won his 3rd straight league MVP, this time on Sunday with Letís Go Negrin, going 34-5 with 370 points scored to 154 points allowed!  He also had 9 30-point games, 5 break & runs, 6 10-0s and an 8-ball break to boot!  Stephanie Sterling of the Diamond Girlz was the womanís league MVP for the 3rd straight season as well , this time on Monday playing out of Killshot Billiards, going 30-12 while scoring 373 and allowing 281 with 4 30s and a 10-0!

Congratulations to our division MVPs Reynalda Cody of Scratch This from Flagstaff, Robert McElroy of DLNQNTS from Prescott Valley, Steve Key of Rubber & Liquor and Mindy Teague from Rejected both from Globe, Scott Pardo of Big Pockets out of Daddy-Os! and Sara Sorg from Ballz Deep from Daveís on Northern, Bigcoat Antonio of No Glove No Love and Samantha King from TNT both out of 2 Lanes Saloon, Ryan Levengood of Dragon Donít Play, Bro and Lou Smith from the Desert Rats from the Thursday Mills Modern Social division and Crystal Parada of the Mex-I-CANS on Sunday at MMS! 

Scott Pardo of Big Pockets went 31-5 and scored 343 points with 8 30s and 3 break & runs to also win top rookie honors!  Ladies top rookie goes to Leslie Moses of the A-Team out of Daveís on Northern who went 24-12 and scored 308 points with 4 30s! Ryan Blackburn from Thanks for the Points out of the Mountainaire Tavern was the leagueís most improved shooter shooting a 21.44 match average 5.26 points over his career average!  Shealee Thompson of Eiffel Tower 2.0 is the womenís most improved shooter shooting a 20.00 match average just over 4 points over her career MA! 

Michael Kerin became the 1st player to reach 3,000 career wins! Robert Berry became the 3rd person to reach 1,500 wins with his first win of the season!  He finished the season with 1,563 just 30 behind Cecil Attson for 2nd all-time. Pete Williams became only the 3rd player to reach 18,000 career points scored!  Right behind him is Robert Berry who is just the 6th player to reach 17,000 passing Chris Negrin along the way for 5th all time! Tim Ashley passed Joe Campbell to move into 9th all-time with 14,213 points scored! Tim also passed Jim Green for 7th all-time in wins with 1,093. Anthony Begay popped into the top 10 coming in at 10th with 1,023 career wins passing Darren Bradford and also in 30-point games with 163 passing Eugene Hemphill!  Anthony also played in his 500th career match! Ryan Fedora passed the 1,000 win mark! Will Weiss scored his 12,000th career point and picked up his 900th win!  Scott Elliott & Gary Wimmer also won their 900th games! Alex Franklin recorded his 800th win and scored his 11,0000th point! Davin Lavikka passed the 11,000 point mark and played in his 500th career match! Steve Key picked up his 800th win and scored his 10,000th point! Tony Begaye scored his 10,000th point too! Harold Lyons, Eric Ely and Mike McGaughey all crossed the 9,000 point mark! Mike also picked up his 600th win! Eric McKay won his 700th game! Kip Anderson scored his 8,000th point! Josh Branham & George Galbarski both scored their 7,000th point! Duane Etsitty & Ira Lim all won their 500th games! John Watts recorded his 50th 30-point game! Jamie Stafford made it to 5,000! Jason Miller scored his 4,000th point! Logan Roberts, Jerome Shortman, Eric Culpepper, James JT Taylor and Gary Atkinson all scored their 3,000th point! Randy Torres, Andy Benavidez, Jerome Shortman, Alex Wilson & Sean Goodfellow all recorded their 200th wins! Reaching the 2,000 point mark was Mike Riley, Jaye Begay and John Kopshe. On the ladies side Claudia Morado returned to the league and promptly passed Jacki Spradling for 4th all-time top PR! Laura Boothroyd picked up her 500th win and passed Jacki Spradling with her 38th career 30-point game to move into sole possession of 6th place all-time! Mindy Teague scored her 5,000th career point! Reynalda Cody, Heather Freeman & Debra Macdonald all scored their 3,000th! Reynalda Cody and Samantha King won their 200th games! Lisa Tarlip and Peggy Hurst both reached 2,000 points scored!

Thanks to all of you who participated throughout the season in the 50/50 raffle.  We raised over $1,400 to go towards the championship fund!  Speaking of rafflesÖ I stuffed those envelopes with $5s (10), $10s (10), $20s (10), $50s (5) and $100s (5 of them!)! I added 12, yes TWELVE different categories of trivia randomly to the envelopes so youíll have plenty of fun trying to double, triple or quadruple your cash! I also added 10 more envelopes with prizes including a free season! And lastly, 4 bonus envelopes with an UNO card in it! Draw TWO! This time around weíre going to ask you to hold onto your tickets all weekend!  At the end of Thursday night Iíll draw a Ďfinalí number and you can claim your prize on Friday. It will be a cash prize! Iíll do the same on Friday & Saturday. On Sunday for the final drawing all of Thursday, Friday & Saturdayís tickets will be added to the drawing and one ticket will be pulled from all of the tickets from all weekend. AND lastly we have a championship board with 100 squares on it! 10x10 just like those football squares! $1 a square 100 squares available, pays out $20 after each round and $40 for the final score on the championship winning match.

This will be our biggest tournament since the Sets closed in 2009!  70 teams!  WOW!  Itís going to be HUGE!  The weekend kicks off on Thursday night with the singles tournament, a smorgasbords of events on Friday night including a blind-draw scotch-doubles/singles tournament, a 10-ball/9-ball tournament, 8-ball break and run derby and the womenís 8-ball singles tourney (all of which start at 7pm Friday night) followed by the main event on Saturday & Sunday!  Two brackets!  Top 42 teams on the 7í tables!  The next 28 (B Bracket) on the 9í tables!  Both brackets have a 3rd elimination bracket! Over $15,000 in prize money!  And itís only going to get BIGGER & BETTER! 

Canít wait to see you all at the BIGGEST PARTY IN POOL the AZPL State Championships at Millís Modern Social in Tempe starting TONIGHT!  Great food!  Breakfast burritos will be available on Saturday & Sunday morning at MMS! Drink specials all weekend! $3 domestic drafts! $5 well drinks! $5 fireball shots!  Tips being repaired on Saturday and Sunday at the tourney!  Come early and check out Millís Modern Social!  Thereís an arcade on the east side of the bar with a bunch of full size video games and some dart boards!  Jumbo Jenga!  TVs everywhere to watch whatever game you want!  Booths and lounge areas to relax in!  Outdoor patio! And did I say the food is awesome?!  This is not your standard bar fare and that is no line cook.  Be prepared to say ĎWOWí when your dish is delivered. 


    Friday Night events & Start Times!

At 7pm we have a Scotch Doubles/Singles tournament Ė blind draw Ė race to the 8 on the scotch side, when you lose on the scotch side youíll ditch your partner and play on the singles side in another single game shootout.  The final 2 players on the singles side will team up to take on the scotch champions.  $20 entry.  This event is open to alumni! 

Also at 7pm is the 10-ball, 9-ball tournament.  Start it off with 10-ball on the right side of the bracket.  When you lose youíll flip onto the 9-ball side.  Winner of the 9-ball takes on the winner of 10-ball.  $20 entry.  This event is open to alumni!

One for the ladies!  8-ball singles!  Also starts at 7pm.  $10 entry!   This event is open to alumni!

And of course 8-Ball Break & Run Derby!  Rack your own and break em!  Run them out, all 14 balls in any order followed by the 8 then do it again!  Three rounds before the final 3 battle for 1st.  The record is 117 points in a row.  High score is 140.  #goals  If you are in the top 3 in 8-ball breaks or Break & Runs or the league leader in 10-0s your entry is paid for this event.  Otherwise entry is $10.  AZPL will also add $5 per player to the pot.  This event is open to alumni!

On Saturday the doors at Millís Modern Social open at 9:30 for players to warm up.  Matches will start promptly at 10am.  Start times are posted here.  


Your team is guaranteed to play in at least 2 matches and more if you win!  And if youíre playing on Saturday plan on playing on Sunday because every team comes back on Sunday even if you lost twice! 

Thatís right!  On Sunday teams that lost twice will be playing in a single-elimination battle for 11th place for $1,000 starting at 10am!  In this bracket itís not a full match.  Itís a race to 5 wins.  No handicap until itís the final 2 teams in a full handicapped match for 9th.  If you are one of those teams that loses in your first match in the battle for 11th donít worry you arenít 1 and done either!  We have a special bracket just for you!  The Because You Showed Up Damn Early And Lost Bracket!  Still single elimination but this time itís a race to 4 wins with 1st place in this bracket being a free season in the league!  The final 12 teams that havenít lost twice are still in contention for $3,000 with 10 of those 12 being in the money!   The teams with 1 loss begin play at 10am.  The battle for the hot seat starts at noon with the championship match scheduled for 6pm Sunday evening! 


Itís going to be an exciting weekend with the AZPL at Millís Modern Social in Tempe!  Over $15,000 in cash prizes including $1,000 added by Mills Modern Social!  The food is amazing!  We have drink specials now too!  $3 domestic drafts!  $5 well drinks!  $5 fireball shots!  Canít wait to see you all!

How teams qualify for the State Championship tournament:

Teams play in the league to qualify for the State Championships.  Only 70 teams will qualify.  Top 42 teams play on 7' Diamond tables.  First place in the Championships is $3.000!  The next 28 teams play in the B bracket!  Top prize in that bracket is $3,000!  There is a match between the winners of A & B while they are in the hot seat for $1,000. For teams that lose twice on Saturday in either of those brackets fear not as we have a 3rd elimination bracket that plays out on Sunday for 11th place & 9th place respectively!  


The Biggest Party in Pool!

The AZPL 2022 Fall State Championships!

January 5, 6, 7 & 8, 2023