The Focker Award - Dated December 18th, 2004:

With it being the final week of the session I would like to honor a team for their outstanding performance, commitment and dedication to the Arizona Pool League.

They were the first team I recruited into the league.  I met them outside almost two years ago when we didn�t even have a scoresheet created..  Since the day we met they were committed to the league.  I didn�t even know if we would last one session but they were there for me.  They helped the league grow with every session and supported it unconditionally.   

As a team they have played 230 out of 250 possible matches together.  That�s dedication.  All three of those players are ranked in the Top 20 All-Time with all three in the Top 10 for most points scored with a combined 5756 points. 

Their streak came to an end this session though as I have been informed that they as a team will no longer be playing in the league after tonight.  While they will be missed they will not be forgotten.

In honor of their team I have created an award to honor teams that show such high regard for the league.  This is the highest award a team can receive from the League.  Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the Focker Award. 

The 1st Recipient of the Focker Award:

The Pocket Monsters

Captain Scott Elliott, Matt Miller & Gary Hibdon

They have played together with the same 3 players for 30+ consecutive seasons.




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