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From the Basics to Advanced Strategies

by Raymond "Doc" Rogers 

The link below will open my book "How To Play Pool". I hope this book will help you all to play better. It includes something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned players. The illustrations and pictures are easy to follow and explain the theories and strategies of winning pool play. It will also explain the use of english, how to use and when to use it. It explains banks, kick shots, and discusses the All Important "Natural Angle". At the bottom of this page I will have lessons to learn, a new one every session!
Enjoy and and have many great games of pool!  

How to Play Pool

This Session's Lesson

Hard Shot vs. Easy Shot:
We’ve all done it, we look at a table and pass up an easy shot cause if we can just make the hard one we can run the rest of the table. But think about it why is this shot a “hard” one, in most cases it’s because we are not in the right position. So remember this, never pass up an easy shot for a hard one, take the easy one and use your English to get a better position on the “hard” one. I have watched countless people make this same mistake over and over again.

When going for a breakout, don’t wimp out!! Use enough force to breakout your ball(s) AND your cue ball. This is a mistake made over and over again, sure they get the breakout but then wind up with no shot because they did not get the cue ball back out also. So use enough force to scatter the balls and roll out.



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