3-person teams * 14-match season * BCA/ACS Sanctioned!

Every Team in the LEAGUE Wins CASH!!


• Qualify to play in the AZPL State Championships! 4 days of pool 3 times a year! 66 teams qualify for 1 of 2 (Handicapped & Non-Handicapped) brackets in the championships! Every time you win a match you win cash in the tourney! Over $15,000 in the tournament prize pool this season!

• Qualify for the AZPL Globe Trot in September and Whiskey Row Run in March!

The Arizona Pool Leagues was created in February 2003 with our first session beginning on May 7th.  The AZPL was designed with the casual pool player in mind.  We pride ourselves on being an amateur, beer-drinking, have-fun pool league.  It is meant for the not-so-serious player to come down and have some fun, shoot some pool, drink a few beers (though not necessarily in that order) and win some cash too!  When I created the league the thought was 'Why do we need to go to Vegas when we can have a big Championship right here'.  Hence we have 3 State Championships a year since 2003!  Ironically, we are now sanctioned for those who do want to go to Vegas for one season, one night a week, from January thru April.  

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! 8-ball. Teams of 3 players. Round-robin format. You’ll play every person on the other team one game each. It’s a pre-determined breaking order with the home team breaking 5 times and the away team 4. In the opening round the visiting team breaks first. In the second round the home team breaks. In the final round it’s split home / away / home on the breaks. Simple scoring! It’s a point for each ball down. 3 points for the 8! A win is 10! Hit an 8-ball break and that’s a win! Call your ball & pocket! Ball in hand rules apply! Handicapped based on your performance in the league! Anyone can play from beginners to Fargo superstars! Score the most and allow the fewest and you can win player of the week honors and win an exclusive AZPL Player of the Week lapel pin! We also offer lapel pins for when you score your first 30-point game, win your 100th game and score your 1,000th point because it takes a lot of balls to score a thousand points!

We keep track of all of your stats! Every single point you score! Every win! All kinds of stats! Every single game you play! All-Time! Check out the site and see 19+ years of stats for every player to ever play in the league! Regular season and championship stats! All scores are entered within 48 hours of submission. Just send a pic of the full scoresheet! We enter the scores for you! And you can print the scoresheets right off the website complete with up-to-date stats of both teams!

58 consecutive championship tournaments in Arizona since 2003!

Teams are competing for 66 spots in the 59th AZPL State Championships at Mill’s Modern Social in Tempe! You’ll play 14 matches during the season. At the end of the season each division has so many allotted spots in the championships based on the number of teams in the division. There are currently 64 guaranteed spots spread out across all divisions in the two brackets. The rest of the teams qualify to play in the wild card tournament on Friday night for the 65th & 66th spots!

Not your normal bracket!

Your win/loss percentage determines your start time in the tournament. In the main bracket the first place teams start at 7pm Saturday where-as the bump-in teams begin play at 11am. The higher you rank the later your start time. Number one team gets pole position! You can see how important it is to be higher in the standings for a better start time. For teams that have the same winning percentage the tie-breaker goes to points scored making EVERY POINT COUNT! In both brackets the opening round is the wild card round and a battle for the home table. It begins at 11am. Once the table is won that is your table to lose and you can see on the bracket who your next opponent will be all day long. From that point on you are the home team and all of your opponents will be challenging you for that table as the away team. No need to move around to a new table each match! Until you lose that is. Then you flip into the left side of the bracket and you’ll be challenging for that table. If you lose twice on Saturday you’ll be out of the main bracket but you’ll be coming back on Sunday in the Third Elimination bracket in a battle for 9th place and a cash prize of $1,000! And to guarantee you’ll play two matches on Sunday if you lose your first match in the 3rd Elim bracket you’ll go into ‘I Guarantee You'll Play TWO on Sunday’ bracket to win a free season in the league and give it another try next season!

What can YOU win?

What can you win?  During the season if you are player of the week you win $10. Your team can win up to $1,000 for a first place finish in your division and no less than $100 for a last place finish.  1st & 2nd place teams win trophies! You can win $100 and a trophy if you are the division MVP.  $150 and a trophy if you are the league MVP.  You can win from $50 up to $500 if you have a top 10 all-time caliber season. 

If your team qualifies for the state championship tournament (only 66 teams qualify) you can win over $4,000! Whenever you win a match you win cash and every round you advance the amount you win goes up! All weekend long! 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in the championships win trophies! First place wins the exclusive AZPL Championship green shirts! Your team also gets a paid entry into the ACS Nationals in Las Vegas! If you are the tournament MVP you win $100-150! If you have a top 10 all-time caliber tournament weekend you can win from $25-$250!

At the AZPL State Championships you can also play in these great events:

Thursday night: 8-ball singles tournament

Friday night:

  • 10-ball/9-ball tournament

  • Scotch Doubles/Singles 8-ball tournament

  • Women's 8-ball singles tournament

  • 8-Ball Break & Run Derby

All have cash payouts with entry fees ranging from free if you hit an 8-ball break for 8-Ball Break & Run Derby or $10 per person depending on the event!

What’s the Globe Trot?

The Globe Trot is our annual trip to 2 Lanes Saloon in Globe! Traditionally held the last weekend of September as a farewell to summer this year the dates are Sept 30, Oct 1 & 2! On Friday night we have a singles tournament and karaoke! Saturday we start off the day with a barbeque and team tournament followed by some 3 ball capped off with a scotch-doubles/singles tournament and some more karaoke! To finish the weekend we have another barbeque on Sunday with a singles tournament! There are 3 hotels right across the street as well as a Denny’s! You don’t have to touch your car the entire weekend! Play some pool, eat some food, sing some songs and have a blast!

Whiskey Row?

In the spring we have our Whiskey Row Run event at Barefoot Bob’s Billiards in Prescott Valley! This is traditionally held the final weekend of March. Three fun-filled days of pool! A scotch-doubles/singles tournament on Friday to kick off the weekend! Saturday features a bring your own team of 5 team tournament along with our 8-Ball Break & Run Derby event. In the evening we close out the night with an 8-ball tournament and a 10-ball/9-ball tourney! To close out the weekend we have a 3-person team event on Sunday!

Daily Show?

That's right! We do a daily show - AZPL Today - every morning at 11am covering all the scores, standings and highlights from last nights matches as well as what's on deck for today! We also do a Monday night prime time version - AZPL Tonight - at 7pm! It's streamed live on our Facebook page where it stays for 30 days as well as our Instagram and YouTube under The AZPL Network!

How much does it cost to join?

Another great question! There is a $20 annual due for BCA (renews in January), a $15 annual due for ACS (renews in June) and a $15 seasonal player entry (renews every season). Those are the 1 time per year/season fees. The weekly dues are typically $13 per week!

Get your team signed up today!

Currently we have 79 teams in 10 divisions in Tempe, Phoenix, Globe and Flagstaff and always looking for more areas to join in the fun! Want to play in the AZPL but there isn't a division set up near you? We’re always looking for league representatives to promote growth! You can even make a few bucks every week being the rep! All you need is 12 players to get a division started! Just 4 teams! It will grow from there! We’ll provide you with posters to promote the league and materials to get the division started! Contact me if you'd like to get a division started ANYWHERE! Nationwide!

Contact me today to get started! Play begins every year in January, May & September!

Small teams * Short season * Huge Payouts!

It's the way a pool league should be!


Here is a breakdown of the dues & fees and where it all goes. 

(effective May 2023)

$15 per player per division per season entry fee – covers the following seasonal costs:


This includes but not limited to trophies, website/hosting, championship programs, posters, championship shirts, rule books, lapel pins, advertising, ink, pens, paper, prizes, bonuses, etc.


Weekly dues (local divisions*) – $13 per player breaks down as follows:

            $4.29 to top half of division & M/F MVP payouts        $60/person over 14 weeks

            $3.57 to tourney prize fund                                             $50/person over 14 weeks

            $1.71 to bottom half division payouts                           $24/person over 14 weeks

            $1.00 to Special League Events                                   $14/person over 14 weeks

            $2.00 to the league operator for his/her efforts            $28/person over 14 weeks

            $0.43 to the league scorekeeper                                  $6/person over 14 weeks

**$2.00 to green fees (this is MMS specific and additional to dues) $28/person over 14 weeks

            *No entry into the State Championships for these divisions

            **This is in addition to the $13 weekly due hence $15/week at MMS



Weekly dues (out of town/franchise divisions) – based on $12 per player

            *$2.00 to championship tourney prize fund                           $28/person/team/season

            $2.00 to the local league operator for his/her efforts           $28/person

            *$0.43 to the league for scorekeeping                                  $6/person

            *$1.00 to Special League Events                                          $14/person

**$1.43 to championship entry fund ($150 entry)                 $20/person

            ***$5.14 to local payouts                                                         $72/person

            First three items are mandatory minimum requirements. 

            *These are paid to the AZPL. 

**Entry into State Championships is $150/team.  This is a suggested fund.

            ***This number is adjustable. Ie meaning if you lower your dues below the recommended $12 it comes out of here.

We at the Arizona Pool Leagues hope you enjoy your time with us and look forward to shooting with you.


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