The Arizona Pool Leagues was created in February 2003 with our first session beginning on May 7th.  The AZPL was designed with the casual pool player in mind.  We pride ourselves on being an amateur, beer-drinking, have-fun pool league.  It is meant for the not-so-serious player to come down and have some fun, shoot some pool, drink a few beers (though not necessarily in that order) and win some cash too!  When I created the league the thought was 'Why do we need to go to Vegas when we can have a big Championship right here'.  Hence we have 3 State Championships a year since 2003!  Ironically, we are now sanctioned for those who do want to go to Vegas.  
Teams consist of 3 players not including subs.  Matches are a 3-on-3 round-robin.  We use a "call ball & pocket" format of play.  The league is handicapped based on your performance in league sanctioned matches and other ratings sources if necessary so that all players of any skill level can play and compete.  Teams play in the league to qualify for the AZPL State Championships.  Only 32 teams will qualify.  The teams play on 7' diamond tables.  First place in the Championships is $3,000.  For teams that lose twice in the Championships fear not as there is a 3rd elimination bracket that plays out as well!  Currently the top 9 teams in the tournament get paid out!  All locals teams win cash within their division, up to $750 for first with 15 teams.  Men's & Women's MVPs win cash too!  The 1st & 2nd Place team in every division as well as the men's & women's MVP will receive trophies.  The Men's & Women's statewide Most Improved Players & Top Rookies receive trophies too!    But wait there's more!  In September we have a 3-day 5-event tournament in Globe - the Globe Trot! 
There are several locations and divisions throughout the state that you can play in.  See the "Divisions of Play" page for a full listing. Some are now sanctioned with ACS and BCA to qualify for both national events held in Las Vegas.  Those include Sunday Prescott Valley Traveling, Thursday and Sunday Mills Modern Social In-House, Tuesday Phoenix Traveling, Wednesday East Valley Traveling and the Monday Flagstaff Traveling divisions! 
This site is updated daily.  We keep track of several different team and player statistics including points, wins, 30-point games, winning streaks, match average and our own MVP rating in addition to many others.  In addition to standings you can find out about tournaments across the valley, all the team schedules, visit each bar’s page to find their location and see their menu, view hundreds of pictures and read the rules.
Here is a breakdown of the dues & fees and where it all goes. 

$10 per player per division per season sign up (replaces $25/team entry) – covers the following seasonal costs:

Trophies cost $100 per division (3 first place and 3 second place plus men’s & women’s MVP)

Championship trophies (1st, 2nd & 3rd – 3 of each at $45 each) $450 (w/tax)

Other trophies (Most Improved, Top Rookies, etc) $100

Website / Server / Domains / Upgrades / Etc - $200/season

Newsletters – $6 per copy – 1 per team at Championships - $365 (looking for sponsors)

Posters – $1.05 each – 100/season - $105

Championship shirts (3 @ $40 each) - $120

Rule Books – 100 @ $2.65 each - $265

Misc Handouts throughout the season – Sign Up Sheets, Rules Cheatsheet, etc $100

Lapel pins (Player of the Week, 1000 point, 100 win, 30 point game, etc) (100 per season) $200

Championship banners (1 @ $90 or 2 / $150) – 1 for league, 1 for home bar of winning team

Advertising (monthly newspapers – AZ Billiard News $60 & Billiard Table Talk $75) $135/month (4 months = $540/season)

Weekly dues (local divisions) – $10 per player breaks down as follows:

            $4.00 to top half of division & M/F MVP payouts        $56/person over 14 weeks

            $3.57 to Championship prize fund                                $50/person over 14 weeks

            $1.43 to point money payouts                                       $20/person over 14 weeks

            $1.00 to the league operator for his/her efforts           $14/person over 14 weeks

            *No entry into the State Championships for these divisions (was $30 per team)

$15 per player per year annual dues for ACS sanctioned divisions / $20 annual due for BCA sanctioned divisions.

We at the Arizona Pool Leagues hope you enjoy your time with us and look forward to shooting with you.
Michael Kerin
League Operator
Arizona's Pool League



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