Tuesday Williams Traveling

The visiting team is responsible for printing 2 scoresheets off the website and taking them to their respective match.  You can find the scoresheets by clicking on the match you'd like on the schedule.  After the match each team should get your packet to your league rep or mail their scoresheet via text to Mike @480-217-2358

You can also email me your scoresheets directly at azpl@cox.net

Arci Opdahl & Jared Pensinger are the Williams representatives!


Join us every Tuesday night at 7:30pm!

Qualify to play in the

Fall State Championships

on January 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th at 

Mills Modern Social, 83 E Broadway Rd, Tempe    

The top 4 teams automatically qualify for the Championships!  Others may be eligible via bumping in or the wild card tournament!  Entry into the Championships is $100 per team.  No entry required for the wild card.

The Fall season begins September 12th!  All teams and players meet at Sultana Bar & Grill and Canyon Club at 7pm on opening night! Be there!

This division is sanctioned with ACS & BCA!  Qualify to play in Vegas! All scores go in to Fargo!

Week 14 Scores

Team Standings

Team Name MW ML MW % Points GW GL GW % PA PR MA Shoot % OMA

Teams are ranked according to the Match Winning percentage with the tie breakers
being Points Scored, Game Wins, Opponents Point Totals, Power Ranking (in that order).

MW is Match Win
ML is Match Loss
MW% is your overall winning percentage
Points are points scored
GW is individual games won out of 9
GL is individual games lost out of the 9 games
GW% is based on those 9 games
PA is your total points allowed
PR is your rating based on points scored, points allowed, matches and game wins
MA is your average points scored out of 90
Shoot% is the number of possible points scored
OMA is your opponents average points scored

Week 15 Matches (2022-08-15 to 2022-08-21)

Away Team   @   Home Team

Division Leaders

Men's   Women's
PR     PR  
Points     Points  
Win     Win  
30s     30s  
8 Ball Break     8 Ball Break  
10-0s     10-0s  
BR     BR  
MA     MA  
MIP     MIP  


Team # Team Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Teams and Bars

Player Standings

TMA is your True Match Average, it is based on your current and past performance in league and tournament play
PR is based on your performance computing points scored, points allowed, matches and wins
Points are your total points scored
PA is the number of points you have allowed your opponents to score
Scoring % is the percentage of points you scored compared to the total possible (out of 30)
P/PA This compares your points scored to points allowed
MA is based on those 9 games
W is your win total
L is your loss total
Win % % based on your current win/loss record
30s is the number of 30 point games you have
8 Ball Break is the number of 8-ball breaks you have
10-0s is the number of 10-0 games you have
BR is the number of break & runs you have
Winning Streak is your current winning streak
Current MA is your scoring average out of 30 points for the current session
AT MA is your career scoring average based on 30 points possible
MIP compares this sessions match average to your career match average
Matches is the number of matches played

Player Name TMA Team Name PR Points PA Scoring
P/PA W L Win
30s 8 Ball
10-0 BR Win