Congratulations to John Ilk, Dave Webb & Ralph Gibson of Old School from the Q n Brew in Tempe!  They are your 2018 Spring AZPL State Champions!!!!                                                       $500 Added 8-ball Singles Tournament for all AZPL members past & present June 2nd at Skip & Jan's!  $10 entry!                                                                The AZPL Tournament of Champions 8-Ball Singles Tournament is July 7th at Skip & Jan's.  You must win a championship to qualify! $20 entry!                                                   The 2nd annual Globe Trot is happening Sept 28, 29 & 30 in Globe at 2 Lanes Saloon!                                                  New Shirts are on the shirts page!!!!!

The Spring 2018 AZPL State Champions Old School!

Dave Webb, John Ilk & Ralph Gibson

Won $1,500 + $46.45 in point money!


The Summer season is coming!

3 Person Teams - no limit on subs!
3-on-3 Round Robin format
15 week session (14 regular matches & the tournament!)
Call Your Ball & Pocket is our style of play
Matches last about 2 hours - You're done by 10:00 each night!
 Every team wins cash! Up to $750 for 1st in division!
$1500 for 1st Place in the State Championships!
Traveling & In-House Divisions throughout Arizona!
Handicapped & Non-Handicapped divisions!
Always accepting new players!
The most fun pool league in Arizona!
Sunday Jester's Billiards, Wednesday 2 Lanes Saloon and Flagstaff Traveling divisions sanctioned with ACS!
2nd Place - Hold My Beer of the Q n Brew in Tempe - Won $1,250 + $215 in point money!

Robert Berry, Mike Penrod & Darren Bradford

3rd Place - Dawg Slippers of Bull Shooters in Phoenix - Won $1,000 + $98 in point money!
Kendra Mikkelson, Stan Mason & Cecil Attson


Congratulations to our Spring 2018 MVPs & Trophy Winners!
Monday Flagstaff Traveling - Reynalda Cody & Gary Wimmer
Tuesday Globe Traveling - Kat Dale & Joeneil Tolimao
Tuesday Phoenix Traveling - Kendra Mikkelson & Jason Crugar
Wednesday Two Lanes - Samantha King & Donald Hudgings
Thursday Q n Brew - Laura Boothroyd & Robert Berry
Sunday Jester's - Heather Cortez & Bernardo Garcia
Top Rookie - Heather Cortez & Jason Crugar
Most Improved Players - Kat Dale & Arron Hetrick

Opening Day is coming soon for the Summer season!  Here are the division start dates & locations:

Monday Flagstaff Traveling Division – Monday, May 14th at Stockman's

Monday In-House Division - Monday, May 14th at Stinger's in Glendale

Tuesday Phoenix Traveling Division – Tuesday, May 15th. All teams/players meet at O'Briens at 7pm

Tuesday Globe Traveling Division - Tuesday, May 15th!

Wednesday 2 Lanes In-House Division - Wednesday, May 16th - All teams/players meet at 7pm

Wednesday Q n Brew In-House - Wednesday, May 16th - All teams/players meet at 7pm

Wednesday Verde Valley Traveling - Wednesday, May 16th - All teams/players meet at 7pm at the Full Moon Saloon

Thursday Q n Brew In-House & East Valley Traveling Divisions – Thursday, May 17th – All teams/players meet at the Q n Brew at 7pm

Sunday Jester’s Billiards In-House – Sunday, May 20th - All teams meet at 3pm at Jesters.



If you want to play and don’t have a team let me know and we’ll get you on one!  I look forward to shooting with you this season and many more!  Thank you! 


Come visit  

Skip & Jan's
The Official Host of the AZPL State Championships!
Featuring 8 7 footers & 8 9 footers!
Located at 1520 W Warner Rd #112 in Gilbert
on the northeast corner of Warner & McQueen
and the
Q n Brew
The Thursday Home of the AZPL!
Featuring 6 standard bar boxes and 9 Brunswick 9 footers!
Located at 3400 S Mill Ave, #348, Tempe
Southwest corner of Mill & Southern
The Sunday Home of the AZPL!
Located at 1515 N Gilbert Rd in Gilbert on the Southeast corner of Gilbert & Baseline Roads
and the Globe home of the AZPL
2 Lanes Saloon
1515 E Ash St, Globe
3 tables!
and the Flagstaff home of the AZPL
7136 N Hwy 89, Flagstaff
3 tables & a full restaurant!
And the Monday night westside home of the AZPL
welcome back
Stinger's Bar & Grill






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