Congratulations to Invest in Bukaki Futures featuring Robert Berry, Ryan Levengood & JR Ascencion from Mill's Modern Social in Tempe!!  They are your 2022 Fall AZPL State Champions!!!!                                                         The annual Whiskey Row Run is happening in March! See the upcoming events page!                                                           The Spring AZPL State Championships will be held May 4-7, 2023!    Come celebrate our 20th anniversary with us!                                                   The AZPL is looking for league operators statewide!!!  Talk to Mike!                       

The 20th Anniversary Celebration begins May 4th!

Opening dates for Spring 2023 season all divisions scroll down! Sign up today!

3 Person Teams - no limit on subs!
3-on-3 Round Robin format
15 week session (14 regular matches & the tournament!)
Call Your Ball & Pocket is our style of play
Matches last about 2 hours - You're done by 10:00 each night!
 Every team wins cash! Up to $750 for 1st in division!
$3,000 for 1st Place in the State Championships!
Traveling & In-House Divisions throughout Arizona!
Always accepting new players!
The most fun pool league in Arizona!
Sanctioned with ACS & BCA! All scores go to Fargo!

Congratulations to

Robert Berry, JR Ascencion & Ryan Levengood!

They are your Fall 2022 AZPL State Champs!

The Fall 2022 AZPL State Champions Invest in Bukaki Futures of Mill's Modern Social in Tempe!


2nd Place - Mex-I-Cans - Bernardo Garcia, Crystal Parada & Julian Perez!


3rd Place - Diamond Girlz - Peggy Hurst, Lisa Tarlip & Stephanie Sterling