Congratulations to the number one ranked team Ballz in Hand from 2 Lanes Saloon in Globe!  They went 13-1 while scoring 1,097 points and winning 89 of 126 games for a .706 winning percentage!  Jimmie Shay Jr led the team with a 30-9 record scoring 357 points and 6 30s. Donald Hudgings & Mike Perkins both went 29-13 and scored 358 with Donald holding his opponents to 19 fewer points to break the tie!  Rounding out the other first place teams All Talk No Chalk, Derailed Too & Beer Me all finished 12-2 but scoring 1059, 1042 and 982 points respectively to finish 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  Cover the Spread finished 5th at 11-3 and taking 6th was Docís Gang at 10-4.   

Congratulations to the number one ranked player in the league Shawn Ashworth from All Talk No Chalk out of Jesterís Billiards, scoring 391 points while going 36-6 and 10 30-point games was good for a 7.109 power rating.  Lynda Niichel of Ladies & the Tramp from Jesterís Billiards was the top female in the league shooting 21-12 while scoring 277 points, good for a league leading .839 shooting percentage and winning percentage of .636 and a couple 30s for a 25 match average.  Other division MVPs go to Thomas Gordon of Cash Money Reboot from Stockmanís, Colleen Ashley of the Strait 8s of Stockmanís, Doc Rogers of Docís Gang at Stingerís/Daveís, Tracy Rogers of Docís Wife & the Gang from Stingerís/Daveís, John Visnaw from the Pool Flyz, Jessy Perkins of Ridin the Rails, Donald Hudgings of D-M2 & Samantha King of A Few Sticks Shy all from 2 Lanes Saloon and Harold Lyons & Laura Boothroyd from Good Times at the Q n Brew!  Thomas Gordon is the leagues top rookie!  Leading the league in points scored was John Visnaw of the Pool Flyz and Eva Monville of My Girls.  John led the league with a 28.36 match average and is also the Most Improved Player in the league shooting 3.44 points over his MA!  Doc Rogers allowed the fewest at 215 in 14 matches.  Harold Lyons allowed just 198 in 13 matches.  Stephanie Griffiths led all woman only allowing 212 points over 10 matches and was also the leagues top rookie female!  Tracy Rogers led the ladies with 23 wins and 3 30s.  Jessica Lownsberry of the PC Zingers was the womanís most improved player shooting 2.85 points over her career match average!  Leading the multi-night totals are Donald Hudgings & Samantha King both from 2 Lanes Saloon!  Scott Hudson led the league with 4 8-ball breaks! 

Mark Tomlinson scored his 15,000 point to move into 3rd all-time!  Cecil Attson won his 1,400th game!  Pete Williams won his 1,100th game and moved up a spot to 5th all-time with 14,000 points scored.  Doc Rogers moved into 9th all-time with his 12,000th point.  Doc also moved into 6th all-time in wins, needing just 3 to move into 5th.  Tim Ashley moved into 10th all-time with his 871st win. Doug Molhook won his 800th game.  Rick Meredith needs 3 wins to reach 800 for his career.  Ryan Fedora scored his 10,000th point.  Joe Zack won his 600th game and needs 28 points to reach 9,000.  John Ilk, Carlos Preston & Eric Ely each scored their 7,000th point!  John Ilk needs just 2 wins to reach 600.  Justin King won his 500th game and needs just 62 to reach the 7,000 point plateau.  Kevin Phillips won his 500th game.  Fernando Prats and Terry Lemke both are 7 shy of 500 career wins.  Joseph Armendariez scored his 6,000 career point!  Richard Taylor needs 59 to match the feat.  Harold Lyons & Jimmie Shay Jr won their 400th game and scored their 5,000th point.  Donald Hudgings, Duane Hostetler & Jr Jiron won their 400th game.  Calvin Balcom is just 1 shy of 400 career wins.  Carlos Preston & Kip Anderson are each on win 398.  Anthony Begay scored his 100th 30-point game.  Reaching the 5,000 point mark is Eric Menard.  Russ Winders is just 4 shy of 5k.  Duane Etsitty won his 300th game.  Laura Boothroyd is holding at 299 while Walt Seng is on win 298.  John Visnaw needs 5 to reach 300.  Scoring their 4,000th career points are Laura Boothroyd, Tracy Rogers, Dave Webb & John Watts!  Needing just 21 is John Visnaw!  Winning their 200th games were Joeneil Tolimao, Tara Negrin, Jean Garcia & Nate Korey.  Steve Key, Daniel Short, Thoi Truong, Albert Sanchez Sr and Arron Hetrick all reached 3,000 points scored for their career.  Shawn Ashworth needs just 79 to reach 3k.  Coming up to the 2,000 point plateau was Ernie Encizo, Samantha King, Chris Gibson, Laura Nordan, Rick Seng, Scott Hudson, Doug Scheuer, Michael Krause, Carey Hudgings & Jessy Perkins.  

The bracket is changing a bit for our new home.  Weíve now taken the top 16 teams based on overall strength and put them in their own bracket on the 9 foot tables.  The remaining teams play in the normal bracket on 7 foot tables with 32 spots available.  The way teams were placed on the bracket is like this.  I took the highest ranked team and the lowest ranked team and subtracted.  I took that number and divided it by 4 creating four different divisions based on skill levels.  I put each team into its appropriate division and took the leaders from each and put them in the top 4 spots.  Each of those divisions had so many teams to qualify and those were put on the bracket.  On Sunday the 3rd elimination bracket is played out on the 9-foot tables. 

Goodbye to Stingerís.  We were their first event in the new Stingers back in January 2010. They werenít even done installing all the equipment when we arrived. It was kegs in garbage cans filled with ice. By the end of the weekend things were rolling smooth. And for the next 8 years it was our home. Over the past year things have happened well beyond my control that has taken its toll on our home. Believe me when I say we heard your comments at the past championship loud and clear. Itís never an easy decision to relocate a tournament of this size. Many things come into play. Thereís a sense of loyalty to a place thatís hosted 24 consecutive championship tournaments. Heading into the fall season I kept a close eye on what was happening there and sadly, the situation hasnít improved and a decision had to be made. With that being said I would like to take a moment to thank Dale for 8 wonderful years at Stingers. Itís not easy being a bar owner and I feel your pain and know what you are going through. Youíve been a wonderful host for us and Iíll definitely miss you and Stingers. I do wish you nothing but the best in the future and hope things get better for you and your family.

As for the AZPL our new home for the State Championships will return to the east side.  After a trial run with a smaller tournament and meeting the owner the decision was made to relocate our big event there.  Iíd like to thank Skip & Janís for welcoming the AZPL to their establishment located at 1520 W Warner Rd in Gilbert.  They feature a full menu with great food, a full bar and of course, pool tables.  Lots of pool tables!  17 of them to be exact! 8 7-foot bar box tables and 8 9-foot tables in a giant room with 3 bathrooms and 1 bar box table in the main bar area. 

Heading into the spring 2018 season we will be going to a no-handicap format.  All matches will be played straight up.  There will also be a cap on teams at 80.  Meaning unless you have a brand new to the league player on your roster your team cannot exceed 80.  With the new bracket format every team still has a shot.  Just play smart and have fun!  Youíre only going to get better!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!  Hereís to a great 2018!!


How teams qualify for the State Championship tournament:

32 teams qualify for the State Championships!  There are 24 guaranteed spots with each division getting a minimum of 2.  The remaining 8 spots are Wild Cards.  The top 7 teams out of all the teams that did not qualify for an automatic spot are Wild Card teams.  The 32nd spot is the Long Shot Challenge with it being awarded to one of the remaining teams that did not yet qualify.


The 2017 Fall State Championships 

are January 5th, 6th & 7th at 

Skip & Jan's Sports Bar

1520 W Warner Rd #112, Gilbert!


AZPL Summer 2017 State Champions -
Doc's Gang of Stinger's Sports Bar in Glendale - Won $1,777!

Calvin Balcom, Mike Simonelli & Doc Rogers!

2nd Place - Double Kung Pao & White Rice of Jester's Billiards in Gilbert - Won $1,220!
JR Ascencion, Ryan Levengood & Andy Benavidez
3rd Place - Cover the Spread of Stockman's in Flagstaff - Won $750!
Alex Franklin, Jerome Shortman & Anthony Begay



Friday Night AZPL Player Appreciation Night

Order of Events:

AZPL Wild Card Challenge - Friday, January 5th @ 7:00pm

Reigning Champion - Derailed Too of 2 Lanes Saloon in Globe - Rick Albertson, Justin King & Jimmie Shay Jr

To win the Wild Card Tournament and become the 32nd team in the State Championships you must go undefeated in a single-elimination team tournament that starts at 7pm on Friday.  It's still 3 on 3 but it's a race to 3 wins!  Whichever team wins 3 games advances!  Final 2 teams play a full 9-game match for the 32nd spot in the tournament!



AZPL Scotch Doubles/Singles Tournament 

Friday, January 5th @ 7:30pm, sign up starts at 6pm!

Scotch Champions Andy Benavidez & Will Weiss - Won $240



Players team up in a blind draw scotch doubles tournament to start!  When you lose on the scotch side you ditch your partner and flip into a double elimination singles tournament.  The final two players on the winners side team up to take on the scotch winners.  The losers flip onto page two of the bracket for another round with those final two players having a shot at first!  It's a race to the 8 in every round. 

No Limit on players! 

Sign up at 6pm, First round starts at 7:30pm on Friday, January 5th! $10 entry+$5 green fee (no quarters!!)



8-Ball Break & Run Derby Ė Friday, January 5th @ 7:00pm

4th Place - Dave Webb
3rd Place - Will Weiss - $25 & $1 off his weekly dues!
1st Place - Robert Berry - $75 & $3 off his weekly dues!
2nd Place - Harold Lyons - $50 & $2 off his weekly dues!

Players compete by breaking & running out the table!  Every player racks their own.  You get one freebie shot on the break meaning you don't have to make one on the break to continue shooting.  However, if you scratch your turn is over with 0. An 8-ball break counts as 20 points.  After that every ball you make counts as a point.  It doesn't matter what you shoot at - be it solids or stripes - as long as the 8-ball is the last ball.  Once you successfully make the 8 you'll re-rack the balls and break.  You MUST make a ball on this break to continue shooting.  Once you miss a shot your turn is over.  

8-Ball Break Bonus: If you hit (2) 8-ball breaks and NOT scratch in the current season you get double points in the opening round!  Your 3rd & subsequent 8-ball breaks are good for a free do-over.  Every player gets a free do-over in the opening round only. 

Points add up from round to round.  The bottom third of the field is eliminated after the 1st round, the bottom half after the 2nd round.  After round 3 only top 3 Advance.  Points start fresh at 0 in Round 4, the final round.

Robert Berry scored 117 points in the opening round!

Ben Sutherland sets record with 59 points in the 2nd round!

Ben Sutherland sets record with 54 points in the 3rd round!  

High score - Ben Sutherland - 130 points - Spring 2017

The top three players each will receive a credit towards their next seasonís dues. 1st Place receives 55% of the pot+$3 off their weekly dues, 2nd receives 35% of the pot and $2 off their dues and 3rd Place gets 10% and a $1 off their weekly dues!

There are 2 ways to become eligible for this event!

  • Hit an 8-ball break without scratching during the season!

These players have hit an 8-Ball Break this season:

Calvin Balcom

Cecil Attson

Chris Barbee

Chris Gibson

Daniel Short

David Hetzler

Eric Ely

Gabe Montalbo

Gary Hibdon 2

Harold Lyons

Heather Snyder

Jim Shea

John Michael Bernabe

John Visnaw

Justin King

Matt Miller

Mike McGaughey

Mike Perkins

Mike Simonelli

Nate Harney

Ralph Gibson 2

Richard Taylor

Rick Meredith

Scott Hudson 4

Scott Lutz

Skip Bales

Steve Key


  • Buy your way in!  $10 entry!


Saturday Matches Ė January 6th @ 9:00am

The 25th-32nd teams begin play at 9am!

Every team that plays in the Championships wins CASH!!



Jesus Safes


Strait 8s


Rack 'em!


Doc's Wife and the Gang


Take It To The Bank


Pocket Monsters


A Few Sticks Shy


I'd Hit That




I'd Hit That 2


Hateful Eights




2 Lanes Krew


My Girls


Balls in Hand


Jim's Team


Ridin the Rails


Never 2nd


Therapy Night


PB & Jammerz


Breakin Bad


Chalk You




Ladies and the Tramp


Cover the Spread


Pool Flys




You Done Messed Up A-Aron


Pinal County Zingers




Derailed Too

These teams play on the 9 foot tables starting at 5pm:

All Talk No Chalk

Alpha Cue Up

Ballz in Hand

Beer Me

Cash Money Reboot

Come Back Kings

Doc's Gang


Goin For It!

Good Times


Long Shots

No Name

Old School


Show Me the Money

Sunday Events Ė January 7th @ 10:00am

Teams begin play at 9am!



The Fall 2017 AZPL State Championships

January 5th, 6th & 7th!

1st Place $1,500!!!


Statewide Standings

Rank Team Name MW ML MW % Points GW GL GW % PA PR MA Shoot % OMA
Fearless 1 0 1.000 90 9 0 1.000 50 16.20 90.00 100.00 50.00
Table Roll 1 0 1.000 87 7 2 0.778 45 13.53 87.00 96.67 45.00
Just Shot 1 0 1.000 87 8 1 0.889 54 12.89 87.00 96.67 54.00
Derailed 1 0 1.000 87 8 1 0.889 55 12.65 87.00 96.67 55.00
Bumper Cars 1 0 1.000 80 6 3 0.667 59 8.14 80.00 88.89 59.00
Mountainaire 1 0 1.000 80 6 3 0.667 59 8.14 80.00 88.89 59.00
No Name 1 0 1.000 74 6 3 0.667 59 7.53 74.00 82.22 59.00
Pool Flys 1 0 1.000 78 6 3 0.667 64 7.31 78.00 86.67 64.00
PB & Jammerz 1 0 1.000 73 6 3 0.667 61 7.18 73.00 81.11 61.00
Chalk You 1 0 1.000 74 6 3 0.667 64 6.94 74.00 82.22 64.00
Derailed Too 1 0 1.000 74 6 3 0.667 66 6.73 74.00 82.22 66.00
Dawg Slippers 1 0 1.000 70 5 4 0.556 53 6.60 70.00 77.78 53.00
Rank Team Name MW ML MW % Points GW GL GW % PA PR MA Shoot % OMA
Dead Solid Perfect 1 0 1.000 70 5 4 0.556 68 5.15 70.00 77.78 68.00
Alpha Cue Up 0 1 0.000 68 5 4 0.556 72 4.72 68.00 75.56 72.00
Cover the Spread 1 0 1.000 72 4 5 0.444 68 4.24 72.00 80.00 68.00
Good Timez 0 1 0.000 68 4 5 0.444 70 3.89 68.00 75.56 70.00
Soldiers of Fortune 0 1 0.000 53 4 5 0.444 70 3.03 53.00 58.89 70.00
Huddle Misfits 0 2 0.000 119 4 14 0.222 165 2.88 59.50 66.11 82.50
Tres Cervezas 0 1 0.000 66 3 6 0.333 74 2.68 66.00 73.33 74.00
I'd Hit That 0 1 0.000 64 3 6 0.333 74 2.59 64.00 71.11 74.00
N.W.O. 0 1 0.000 61 3 6 0.333 73 2.51 61.00 67.78 73.00
Carpathia 0 1 0.000 59 3 6 0.333 74 2.39 59.00 65.56 74.00
Ridge Riders 0 1 0.000 59 3 6 0.333 80 2.21 59.00 65.56 80.00
Show Me the Money 0 1 0.000 59 3 6 0.333 80 2.21 59.00 65.56 80.00
Rank Team Name MW ML MW % Points GW GL GW % PA PR MA Shoot % OMA
MJ's 0 1 0.000 45 2 7 0.222 87 1.03 45.00 50.00 87.00
A Few Sticks Shy 0 1 0.000 54 1 8 0.111 87 0.62 54.00 60.00 87.00
Los Borrachos Locos 0 1 0.000 50 0 9 0.000 90 0.00 50.00 55.56 90.00